Baby Peach is the child-like version of Princess Peach. She is an almost exact replica of Princess Peach but she has different clothes and a large bobble-like head.

Physical AppearenceEdit

Baby Peach is much like Princess Peach in a lot of ways. Baby Peach does not change her clothes in different games, unlike her older self. She has short, blonde hair, with what looks like an oversized crown identical to Princess Peach's, which is a gold crown with blue and red jewels. She has large blue eyes, anda small nose. She is normally seen with a light-pink pacifier in her mouth.

She wears a short light and mid-pink dress, with light-pink top and mid-pink skirt. She has a blue jewel on her chest.You can see her dainty pink knickers under her dress looking bulky, most likely to be hiding her diaper. She has white ankle-socks and red shoes.