In Super Princess Peach, Princess Peach uses a variaty of Vibe Moods to complete small puzzles. She has 4 types of Vibe Moods, Rage, Joy, Calm and Gloom. Each of the emotions have different properties.


Rage is a feeling that is mainly used for stoming on large buttons and setting fire to wooden bridges. She can melt ice to access more areas, and burn wooden bridges by standing on them to access more areas and retrieve items. She can also use her stomping power to stun enemies (flip them) and to press large buttons, usually ending up with a statue in your way to smash, allowing a path. To make her stomp, press (A), which also doubles as the jump button, but while in Rage, jumping is at her weakness.

When she is using Rage, she looks incrediably angry and a large flame appears around her.


Joy is a feeling that is most known for flying! By holding the (A) button, Princess Peach can fly up to large heights reaching hidden platforms and bonuses. If you let go of the (A) button, she will madly twirl, creating a cyclone. Using cyclones, she can temporary clear fog or smoke, and can clear pathways through large clouds, or turn wheels to clear fences.

She will look very happy when she is flying, but is a mass blur when making a cyclone.


Gloom is the sadness vibe. Using the gloom vibe, you can run very fast and cry. By running very fast, you can cross blue falling platforms quickly in one run. You can also use the water coming from your tears on moving leaves, turning them into beanstalks, accessing higer up and secret parts of the level. You don't have to do anything, as the speed and tears come automatically.